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Our Work


Fashion retailer's website

HAKRO has successfully produced long-lasting textiles for other businesses for close to 50 years! We are proud to on behalf of House Of Wonders have developed their new website.

The website features a product catalogue, wishlist, store locator, blog, job board, supports multiple languages and comes with a component library, product import tool, content management system and much more.

Screenshot of our project for HAKRO
Screenshot of the Google Impact Challange project by Pillar

Google - Impact Challenge

Innovative voting application

The Google Impact Challenge is an initiative by Google.org to fund the most innovative community ideas. Heimat Berlin and B-Reel joined forces on the campaign for the first Google Impact Challenge in Germany.

We worked on behalf of B-Reel to develop the voting application for the innovative outdoor solution installed at Hauptbahnhof in Berlin.


Sale platform

Diggsweep lets you easily create your very own private "garage sale" online to share with friends and give users realtime feedback about each item availability status.

We have implemented the technical foundation, backend APIs, setup of cloud infrastructures and integration of all functionalities.

Screenshot of our Content Management System called Flux Drive

Zalando - Share your Style

Marketing Platform

Commissioned by B-Reel Berlin we worked on a new marketing platform for Zalando, Europe's largest online fashion retailer. We were responsible for developing the technical foundation, all back-end services, localisation, among many other features.

Screenshot of Zalando - Share your style website

Hyper Island

Assessment tool

Hyper Island is the leading creative business school with a consultancy side specializing in real-world industry training using digital technology.

We developed a tool to measure an organisation's transformation readiness. One that provides value for the customer and gives Hyper Island insights for further needs assessment conversations.

Screenshot of our project for Hyper Island

Online Shop by Pillar

Ecommerce solution

An ecommerce solution that uses the latest web technologies to yield the highest conversion rates. It features fast page-loads, a scalable infrastructure, secure payments and can be easily integrated with other business services.

Screenshot of an Ecommerce Shop by Pillar
Screenshot of The Rivalry website

The Rivalry

Responsive Portfolio

In collaboration with US-based design studio The Rivalry we’ve developed their online presence. It features a compelling body of work for clients ranging from Google, HBO to The Verge. The front-end is responsive and powered by Flux-Drive for easy content management.

Latest news

We are thrilled to work together with Founders on the development of an email client ✨

About Pillar

Pillar is a digital product development studio based in Berlin. Our goal is to build products and services that bring actual value to people, ones that solve a problem and make life a little bit easier.

We Build
  • Websites

    From an informative website to an enterprise level platform

  • Web Applications

    From a business catalog to an administrative system

  • Ecommerce

    A refined shopping experience that gets you an optimal conversion rate

  • Desktop Applications

    Cross platform desktop apps like an email-client or calendar

Why us
  • Only senior people

    We are a professional team with 12+ years of experience each that has worked with clients ranging from local businesses to global brands and enterprises.

  • Small and flexible

    We're small and we like it that way. It gives us the ability to easily change direction, deliver projects quickly, and dedicate extraordinary attention to the project at hand.

  • One team: Client + Pillar

    We are no suppliers. We partner with our clients, and actively think with them to further enhance their product or service, also post-launch.

Photograph of the team at Pillar
Who we are
  • Onno Schwanen

    Partner and Front-end Developer

    A Front-end Developer with 12+ years of experience who has worked together with notable design studios like Bleed, interaction design studios like IXDS and creative agencies like Sid Lee on projects for a wide variety of clients. He’s enthusiastic about working on the intersection of design and engineering, and aims to create meaningful products and services. Utility and pragmatism above all else.

  • Henrique Ferreira

    Partner and Software Engineer

    A Full-Stack Software Engineer with 15+ years experience in back-end development, cloud-infrastructures, security and service integration. He has delivered a wide variety of solutions for clients all over the globe. Expatriated to London in early 2010, he has since specialized in ecommerce, web application and corporate website development. Now he is breathing the creative atmosphere in Berlin.

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Our office is located in the Gräfekiez between Kreuzberg and Neukölln, one of the most vibrant neighbourhoods in Berlin.

If you’re interested in working with us or if you simply would like to drop by and say hello, please get in touch.

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We are a small yet ambitious studio and are looking for enthusiastic people to join our team.

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